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William Lebrun

William was born in 1994, on June 21st. Both of his parents were huge music fans, so he began to take an interest in music at an early age. With a father into Rock & Blues and a mother who collects Classical music CDs, the influences are flowing.
At the age of 12, his father took him to the media library for the first time and from that moment on, he would always need more. At 16, he received his first CD players. At this age, he was a big fan of Hip-hop and Drum&bass, his record collection kept growing and the mix sessions in his room became endless...

In 2014, at the end of his secondary education, he started studying sound engineering at INRACI. It is there that he will develop his interest for sound in different audio-visual domains (radio, television, cinema,...). FL Studio user since 2012, touching a little bit the program without composing anything seriously, it is in 2017 that he launches his alias 'Datra'. 
At the end of his bachelor's degree, enriched by his training but wanting to perfect his production techniques, he decided to enrol at the SAE to follow a training course in electronic music composition. 

In 2018, he is applying for a master's degree at the IAD. During one year he will deepen his mastery of sound recording tools and techniques as well as mixing and mastering.
In 2020 he released his first EP and this will be followed by 7 more between 2020 and 2022 on Belgian and UK labels. From Tipper to Portishead, from traditional Middle Eastern music to Downtempo, he keeps mixing the genres that magnetise him in his own productions.

In 2022, after a year and a half of work, he started his own studio, specialised in sound recording, music, podcast & movie mixing. This studio is located in his own house in Brabant-Wallon, in the middle of nature. He built the studio almost entirely with his own hands, trying to make it as cosy as possible. 

Its aim today is to welcome artists in residence, or simply for a day,  all styles combined, in a pleasant and relaxed working environment. It is not only to allow them to record their composition(s) but also to accompany them in their artistic creation(s), according to their needs.


You will find all the audio-visual projects he has worked on in the 'Portfolio' section.

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